Peer Academic Coaching

The Peer Academic Coaching program provides individual and group support to help students set and achieve goals and develop behaviors, habits, and strategies for college success and life. Our trained staff of Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) are students just like you who want you to feel more confident.  

Common Reasons to Work with a PAC 

Here are just a few common reasons students work with Peer Academic Coaches (PACs): 

  • You are struggling to make and keep a study schedule. We can help you make schedules and plan out your weeks. 
  • You don’t feel like your reading, note-taking, or study strategies are as effective as they could be. We can share research-based strategies that are more efficient than what most students do. 
  • You are troubleshooting ways to motivate yourself to study or complete homework. We can provide tips and strategies for motivating yourself. 
  • You work better when someone else is present. We can body double and be there with you as you work. 
  • To be clear, PACs are not enrollment specialists or advisors! We do not help with enrollment, course planning, or degree planning. We’re here to support you while you are enrolled in and attending classes. 

Location and Hours 

The PACs are available for drop-in and appointment-based support on the 4th floor of Anschutz Library in the Annex, a corner of the floor next to the Reading Room and across from the Center for Learning and Writing Support. We make all efforts to have staff available during regular Center hours Monday through Friday and select weekends during Fall and Spring semesters. 

Service Options 

Any student enrolled in classes at KU is eligible for Peer Academic Coaching. Peer Academic Coaching is available, beginning the second week of each semester. 

Group, Drop-in Body Doubling Support with Tutors and Writing Consultants 

Three days a week, the PACs provide drop-in times when students can body double, meaning bring homework or studying they need to complete with a PAC present. During these group, drop-in body doubling sessions, 

  • students can come and go any time as long as they are quiet while they work. 
  • PACs will ask students a specific goal they want to accomplish during their time and if the student wants the PAC to check in about progress or not. 
  • Tutors and Writing Consultants will be available to provide just-in-time support while students work. 

Group Body-Doubling sessions for Fall 2024: Stay tuned for more information here...

Individual Support 

In addition to group body doubling sessions, PACs are available for individual appointments to support students with a range of academic behaviors, habits, and strategies. For these individual appointments,  

  • Students are allowed to make individual appointments once every two weeks of the semester.  
  • Students are welcome to drop in to see if a PAC is available for an individual appointment.  
  • During busier times of the semester, the PACs may be busy and may have limited or no drop-in availability, so it’s best to make an appointment. 

To make sure to reserve time with a PAC, schedule an appointment as follows:  

  1. Go to Jayhawk GPS or the Navigate app on your phone, and log in with your KU single sign-on. 
  2. Click “+” (the plus sign) on the top right of the page. 
  3. Click “Schedule Appointment.” 
  4. For the “What type of appointment are you interested in? (i.e., Advising or Other Support)” dropdown, click “Center for Learning and Writing Support.” 
  5. For the “which of the following topics best describes your need?” dropdown, click “Peer Coaching.” 
  6. Pick the date you want to meet with a PAC. Available dates and times will pop up. Click on the date/time you want. 
  7. Choose the way you want to meet: in-person or online/virtual. 
  8. In the “Would you like to share anything else?” area, type the specific topics you want to discuss. 
  9. Press the “Schedule” button. You will receive a confirmation email with the date, time, and location. 

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 785-864-7733