SI Employment

Current Openings

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program is currently hiring for the Fall 2024 semester. To apply for the SI Leader position, please visit and search position number 27525 for the full job posting with directions to apply. Below are the classes we anticipate having openings in for Fall 2024. 

ACCT 200: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting with Professors Alee Phillips and Amanda Winn

BIOL 150: Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology with Dr. Tara Marriage

BIOL 240: Fundamentals of Human Anatomy with Dr. Victor Gonzalez 

BIOL 240 Online: Fundamentals of Human Anatomy with Professor Carolyn Huffman 

BIOL 241: Human Anatomy Observation Lab- All Sections Supported

BIOL 246 Online: Principles of Human Physiology with Professor Carolyn Huffman

BIOL 400: Fundamentals of Microbiology with Dr. Eileen Hotze

BIOL 600: Introduction to Biochemistry with Dr. Patrick Lansdon

BSAN 202: Statistics with Dr. Weimar Ardila 

MATH 101: College Algebra- All Sections Supported

MATH 104: Precalculus Mathematics- All Sections Supported

MATH 126: Calculus II (For Engineers) - All Sections Supported

MATH 127: Calculus III (For Engineers) - All Sections Supported

Benefits of Working as an SI Leader

  • Gain leadership experience.
  • Develop your relationship with faculty.
  • Grow in a variety of career readiness skills sought after by future employers and graduate programs.
  • Access ongoing training and professional development opportunities.
  • Meet new people and continue to grow your KU network.
  • Help to make a meaningful impact by supporting the academic success of your peers!
  • And much more!

The SI Program is looking for SI Leader Applicants Who

  • Are passionate about providing academic support to their peers in their selected course 
  • Want to continue to grow in their personal and academic leadership
  • Received a minimum of a B letter grade in the selected course
  • Have professor approval for the course in which the applicant is applying