Visit early in the semester and visit often! Schedule a one-to-one tutoring or writing consulting session with a trained staff member: 

  • Click on the Writing Consultation Appointment link to make appointments for a writing consultation: Writing Consultation Appointments
    • You can meet with a Writing Consultant in person/face to face or online. 
    • Would you rather get written feedback without meeting with anyone? Choose the eTutoring option. 
  • Click on the Tutoring Appointment Link to make an appointment with a tutor who will help you understand concepts or principles related to homework covered in the course for which you are seeking assistance: Tutoring Appointments

Policies to Know 

  • Please arrive on time (or a little early) for your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will be treated as a no-show, and we will move to other students. 
  • Bring/be able to access course materials that will help with your session, including assignment instructions for homework and writing projects, textbooks, etc. 
  • If you are sick, please schedule an online appointment or reschedule. 
  • Give us notice if you need to cancel your appointment – ideally, at least an hour.  
    • Log into our appointment system and open your appointment. At the bottom of the screen, look for the option to cancel. You can also cancel by calling us at 785-864-7733
    • If you do not cancel your appointment and do not show up, it will be considered a missed appointment. 
    • If you miss more than three scheduled appointments, you will no longer be able to make appointments, and you will be asked to speak with one of our professional staff members to check in to see what is happening. Email or if you experience this situation. 

Tutoring Services