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Supplemental Instruction

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What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) consists of weekly peer facilitated study sessions for students to review course material outside of the classroom. SI also gives students a chance to meet others in the class, compare notes, discuss important concepts, and review the material in order to enhance class performance.

During each of the sessions, the SI Leaders will provide study strategies for note taking, organization, and test preparation. They also will lead discussions over the lecture material and notes in order to review and better prepare the students for success in the class.

Only students who have recently taken the classes and who are recommended by faculty are hired for the SI Leader positions. They also must attend the SI Leader Training prior to the start of the semester and must attend several trainings throughout the semester. To prepare for the sessions, the SI Leaders will be present for all lectures, as well as take notes, read, and complete all assigned material for the class.

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