Small Group Tutoring

Tutor Groups are

  • Course specific
  • Formed when at least 3 requests are submitted by different students in the same course
  • Capped at five students per group
  • Scheduled to meet twice per week for 60 minutes each meeting
  • Held at the same time, in the same place, on the same days each week
  • All tutor groups meet at the Lawrence campus, on the fourth floor of Anschutz Library
  • Facilitated by peers who meet eligibility requirements and are formally trained as tutors


  • Request tutor groups online Tutoring
  • Are placed in tutor groups once enough students have submitted a request for the same course. Until a tutor group can be formed, students can take advantage of individual tutoring at any time.
  • Agree to abide by the terms stated in the Tutoring Services user agreement form


Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring Services expects that students will attend tutor groups regularly. Regular attendance enables the group to become more cohesive and efficient, as the tutor will not have to spend valuable time repeating information. If you need to miss a tutor group meeting, it is alright as long as you notify your tutor beforehand. After four absences without any communication with the tutor or Tutoring Services, the student will be dropped from the group. This will give another student on the waiting list an opportunity to join the group.

Students may not join a tutor group that meets during part of a class. Arriving late or leaving early is disruptive for the tutor and the other students. Also, just as explained above, this causes the tutor to waste time repeating information or the student to fall behind.

This really depends upon whether the group you requested is full. It may take as little as one day, or as long as a few weeks.

The tutor isn't there to repeat the lesson, check homework, or provide assistance on any material that is to be submitted for a grade. The student needs to do as much of the homework as possible before the tutor group meeting and come with questions. The tutor can help the student gain a better understanding of the material.

When this occurs, we will place you on a waiting list and let you know if a spot becomes available. However, if demand for the course is significant, we will do our best to hire another tutor and open new groups as soon as possible. We will consult with the students on the waiting list as to which days and times work best.

When you are assigned a tutor, we will also give you a Withdrawal Date. This date is the day after your second tutor group meeting. It is by this date that you must log into the online system and formally withdraw if you decide that you do not need our service. In other words, you have a short "trial" period before having to commit to the tutor group.

If for some reason your schedule permanently changes for the rest of the semester or you feel that you need a different tutor, a switch could possibly be made. However, this can only be arranged through our office and if there is an opening in another tutor group.