Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring is available to groups of students who are enrolled in the same section of a course. Before requesting small group tutoring, students must first organize a group of 3-5 students themselves. Once a group is formed, you may submit a request for a tutor to lead your small group in regular tutoring meetings. To submit this request, you should email with the following information:

  1. The course you are requesting small group tutoring for
  2. The names and KU ID numbers of the 3-5 students in your established group.
  3. At least 3 times that your group is available to meet for small group tutoring, twice per week for one hour each meeting (e.g., Monday/Wednesday 3-4 PM, Tuesday/Thursday 10-11 AM, Monday/Friday 1-2 PM)

Once your request is submitted, staff at the Wingspan will follow up with you within one week's time to inform you of whether we can accommodate your request. Please note that not all requests may be met, depending on tutor availability and course coverage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Small group tutoring is completely free!

Students must establish a group of 3-5 themselves. If students aren't able to establish this size of group, then they should seek out support through our Individual Tutoring or Drop-In Tutoring programs. 

Generally, we expect that students will attend tutor groups regularly. Regular attendance enables the group to become more cohesive and efficient, as the tutor will not have to spend valuable time repeating information. If you need to miss a tutor group meeting, it is alright as long as you notify your tutor beforehand. After four absences without any communication with the tutor or Tutoring Services, the student will be dropped from the group.

The tutor isn't there to repeat the lesson, check homework, or provide assistance on any material that is to be submitted for a grade. The student needs to do as much of the homework as possible before the tutor group meeting and come with questions. The tutor can help the student gain a better understanding of the material, but cannot provide direct support for anything that is for a grade in your class.